Some people are afraid to get their hands dirty
The rest of us live in Vejen Municipality
Some people have trouble making ends meet.
The rest of us live in Vejen Municipality
Some people think communities are only on the internet
The rest of us live in Vejen Municipality
Some People haven't found their dream job yet
The rest of us live in Vejen Municipality
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In Vejen municipality, you get more for your monthly budget. The average square metre price is DKK 6,600.
Source: Kontur Vejen 2017
In Vejen Municipality, you can find 335,600 jobs within an hour's drive.
Source: Kontur Vejen 2017
Life in Vejen Municipality
Jobs and the business community

The Dream House in Vejen became the base for both career and family life

After their studies in Aarhus and Odense, Rikke Schmidt and Marc Piil moved to Vejen. The couple were attracted by the good house prices, beautiful countryside, perfect infrastructure and the surprisingly vibrant town.
The dream house in Vejen became our new base

Mette moved to Vejen to follow her bakery dreams

In 2017, 19-year-old Mette Markmann-Eriksen moved from North Zealand to Vejen and an apprenticeship at Kageriet bakery in Holsted. Here, the creative pastry chef trainee has settled into a well-functioning everyday life where she has plenty of professional opportunities, a healthy budget and a smile on her face.
Moved to Vejen to chase their dreams

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